Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back) David Avrin

June 6, 2019

Written by Dave W.


When I heard the author interviewed on the Marketing Book Podcast, I immediately bought it for audio consumption on an upcoming lawn mowing expedition. I can honestly say that I learned more in that three hours of mowing lawn that I had in an entire graduate level class session about customer journey mapping.

David is an amazing author who’s no bullshit approach to understanding the customer experience is unmatched from anything I’ve read. I’ve spent countless hours in classes where professors hammered the war drum for keeping the customer in mind. I wholeheartedly believe that the author intended this book to be used to slap those who do not think of the customer first.

With a myriad of examples and personal experiences, the author was able to connect stories to experiences that we have all had as a consumer; contact information being hidden, lists of FAQs, options we don’t need, and the never ending maze of automatic responses, prompts and “press two now”. He makes a simple point of STOP DOING IT. Business and nonprofits exist to serve the customer, so why make it so damn hard for the customer to tell you how to do your business better?


Overall, I give this book a 5 of 5 for the great flow, relevant content, and vivid connection it was able to form with my grey matter. Every example he came up with brought back a violently angry memory of trying to talk to a computer through the phone and it misinterpret my statement resulting in the call being ended. If I could sum up this book in one clear thought, it would be that your customers have value and can add value to your work if you (John/Jane businessman/woman) would only provide clear pathways to connect with them. It takes a fraction of a second for an unhappy customer to change the narrative of your brand and communication efforts. Companies and organizations exist to serve customers but refuse to want to talk to them. David offers some amazing ideas and thought leadership on standard operating procedures that welcome customer feedback instead of push it away. I  suggest this book to anyone in any business capacity, and will be referring it to every business owner and client I work with. I am excited to read more of David Arvin’s work. 

Listen to the full interview

One of my absolute favorite sources of information and entertainment is The Marketing Book Podcast. Douglas Burdett is an amazing communicator and business savvy marketer. His podcast is a great source of inspiration for me and my work and guides me to many of the books that I have on my shelf. If you’d like to hear Douglas’s interview with the author of this book, click on the button below to open the player on The Marketing Book Podcast website. 

Buy this book for yourself!

Good work deserves good referrals. If you are in any business that has customer-facing assets, you need to buy this book.

Dave Wentzel


Dave is a strategic communicator with a passion for building solid foundations for brands and helping clients tell their story. His drive is fed by his passion to help others reach their full potential. This review is an opportunity for him to use his love of learning and input to give an honest opinion of what he reads, and how the content improves the quality of services that he wants to provide for his clients. Connect with Dave on LinkedIn at the icon below.


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